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As the empire of a crooked Spanish property speculator collapses, he disappears with millions of euros belonging to the Russian Mafia. Seeking revenge and restitution, they hire a professional assassin to hunt down the developer and his partners.

A former Soviet Spetsnaz officer is recruited to infiltrate and destroy the organisation of an international weapons trafficker, based in Bangkok. The hazardous mission takes him to the jungles of Cambodia and Myanmar, involving him with former Khmer Rouge fighters. The plot based on factual data gives a fascinating insight into the remote and perilous world of the illegal arms trade in Southeast Asia.

Intriguing anecdotes and adventures experienced in the 67 countries visited by the author. Travelling in some of the more remote and troubled parts of the world: Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iran and former Soviet countries. These memoirs encompass many of the significant events of the late 20th century.

The young Spetsnaz officer Alexei Guliyev adopts a cover as a Deputy Cultural Attaché, to enable him to carry out black ops from Soviet Embassies in the Middle East during the turbulent 1980’s. From Syria to Lebanon, Iran and Ethiopia, Alexei plies his trade, sometimes the kidnapped sometimes the kidnapper. Inspired by actual events.

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 Japan 1933 – The echoes of the distant war in Manchuria hardly disturbs 13-year-old Ichiro’s easy life in Kyoto, but following an under-age love affair he is sent to a Zen Buddhist monastery. With the outbreak of war with China, he is seized from the monastery and conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army. The saga of his war experiences in the subjugated countries of Asia changes him completely and culminates in his repatriation to his devastated homeland.

Set against the historical events of the Asia-Pacific war, the drama unfolds from the perspective of a young man caught up in the militarist ambitions of 20th century Japan.


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